We have officially entered the wedding season for 2022 and finally, after two years of restrain, we can now dress to our heart’s content! Be it your best friend, your cousin, a colleague or a family member- whoever’s wedding you are attending, a lehenga is a must wear. However, it can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to find the best lehenga out there because let’s be honest, there are far too many options to choose from. But we at Monalisa Sarees, want to make this super easy for you. So, we are here with a list of the ‘top trending lehenga designs’ that you can use to look just perfect at the celebrations.  

  • Flower Power 

We all know that florals have been here for a while and no, they are not going anywhere this year too. Whether you choose the smaller delicate-looking floral prints or the big eye-catching ones, be assured that floral designs suit all occasions and it’s all about, understanding what flatters you the most! 

  •  Princess meets Rani 

Western and Indian weddings have one thing in common these days, it’s the opulent bottom wear that most brides and bridesmaids are leaning onto. We are referring to the lehengas with a crinoline skirt, that give out a puffed-up finish. They are grand and ethereal at the same time. In short, you feel like a royal in these! 

  •  The Heavy Illusion 

These kinds of lehengas are great for those girls who love to get their dance moves right or are running around for the wedding errands. Such lehengas are made out of a light and soft fabric with intelligent visual detailing. This allows the outfit to look heavier on the outside, but it’s absolutely light-weight and supremely easy to carry! 

  •  Creams and Pastels 

Gone are the days when red was the colour of every wedding. People have grown to be experimental and more expressive. So, many weddings now have whites, nudes and pastel shades as their theme and boy, we can vouch that you will look ethereal in these colours. 

  •  The Ultimate Embroidery 

Thread work and intricate pattern sewing have always been in demand. The texture that a good embroidery gives to a fabric is unmatched and therefore, an embroidered lehenga will always make you stand out in the crowd. 

  •  Mix and Match 

Imagine a gold dupatta, with a green blouse and a pink skirt. How does it look? Great, isn’t it? That’s mixing and matching for you! It stemmed from the colour-blocking trend and now, it’s taken the world by storm. There’s no end to how many looks you can create with a few well-matched lehenga pieces! 

  • Colour Fusion 

It’s very nice to see that people are moving on from the traditional red lehenga as a wedding festivity favourite. We are now seeing more colours and thanks to that, wedding events definitely look more vibrant! Whether it is purple, blue or silver- any colour that makes you feel good, when styled in a lehenga can steal the show.  

  • Printed Drama 

Prints have been a family favourite forever and it’s great to see that conventional print designs are getting a modern twist. You can now have an elephant motif all over your lehenga outfit and be traditional yet desi. 

  •  Shine-on Sequins 

Sequins are a statement and when you choose a sequins lehenga, you know that you cannot go wrong with it. It is the ultimate show-stopper look that effortlessly makes you look timeless! 

  •  Edgy Flares and Bold Folds 

With the long-extended trails or the tulle skirt vibes, lehengas have begun merging cultures. If you are a believer of the global religion, then these traditional-modern fusion lehengas are for you. The unconventional cuts and charismatic flow of these lehengas give you a chance to make a bold statement without saying much or anything at all! 

Ladies, there it is. The cat’s out of the bag and you know all the trends that will be taking centre-stage in the wedding events this year. So, grab your wallets and visit Monalisa Sarees to buy a latest lehenga design for yourself or you can even place an order online with us! 

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