India is synonymous with the word ‘sarees’. Everywhere in the world, sarees are seen as a prominent symbol defining the Indian culture. This is probably because of the great history of the saree- that has travelled through centuries to get here and is still relevant to today’s fashion. It is known to have emerged as a long cloth piece that was used by females to cover their body parts during the Indus Valley Civilization. Over the years, throughout the conquests, wars and freedoms in India- the saree evolved and continued to suit the clothing or dressing requirements of the people of the country.  

The Indian saree is such an interesting garment that it is high-in demand globally, especially in regions like UK, where there are large Indian communities. There are many reasons why it is so loved and famous abroad, let’s have a look at few of these: 

 1.Versatile Styling 

The nine yards as it is lovingly called, the saree can be transformed in multiple ways. Draping is a technique that is used to style a saree’s fabric. You can go from a classic traditional look to a modern chic look, just with a few pleat changes on the saree. 

 2.Effortless Option 

The main reason why sarees are believed to be evergreen is because of how easily they can be draped. Especially when you don’t have anything for the last minute, a saree will easily rescue you. Once you learn how to do the basic draping, then the ball is in your court and you can make as many changes as you like to finalize your saree look.  

 3.Timeless Statement 

The fact that the saree has travelled through time and yet stayed relevant to the wider Indian dressing context makes it an ageless fashion piece. Designers have, time and again, tried to modify it and have successfully given it a modern twist, as a result of which sarees have always stayed in vogue. 

 4.Straightforward Maintenance 

The fabrics and materials used in creating a saree are multifarious. You can own a plain bordered saree and a heavily embellished one, the good part will be that you will be able to maintain both of these easily. A simple hand wash, machine wash or dry wash can help you in storing your sarees perfectly.   

Whether you are in India, UK or in the most distant part of the world, there’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with the saree. Come and try for yourself, we have a wide range collection available at Monalisa Sarees. Explore our website for over a hundred saree designs and choose your best pick today! 

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