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The Journey of Sana Amin [MonalisaSarees] – Sana Amin

“We started MonalisaSarees not only to sell products but to build relationship.”

MonalisaSarees collection are infused with glamorous, yet ethnic and selective products. In  the Journey of MonalisaSarees, We provide large variety of Indian fusion Garments designed for every occasion for every one. You can browse hundred’s of outfits in each of our category like Sarees, Dresses Lehenga, Wedding Collection, Kurtis & many more.

Living my Mother`s dream we stared the journey of Monalisasarees. I and my family started a small boutique in India which my mother use to handle but soon we faced the some issues and could not manage at the era of physical shop. Over the time when digitization mixed with the businesses my urge to start a Boutique had finally taken a step. The business was crucial and demanding at every step, I faced many challenges.

My Journey

I migrated to United Kingdom as married Indian Woman, and it was very difficult to settle in total different culture and environment. To adapt the western lifestyle and learn the language was very tough for me but over the time. And from the support of my dearest husband and family things started getting beautiful. Somewhere in 2011 when I was in need of Indian traditional outfits for my Daughter`s first birthday it was bit difficult to get them in UK as you don`t get too many options and that was the first time the idea struck to my mind to start my business.

At initial point I ordered couple of sarees from India after small research and sold it in few days. So I knew this is what I can start my retail business while looking after my young girl. Then I invested some resources in my business and visited many places to get idea, talked to multiple quality vendors and collected best product out of all so I can provide and sell finest products.

We traveled to different corners of Unite Kingdom to promote our business. And honestly it took bit of a time but over almost a decade I have gained expertise in sourcing right product to everyone and provide them world wide. Today in the time of digitalization we provide our product on every digital platform and make sure it reaches to everyone. We do have our own website Monalisasarees.com and also available on Face book and Instagram page and provide WhatsApp to make sure every customer`s questions are answered.

What is our Goal?
Our goal is to offer the best Indian ethnic Outfits to every customers around the world who likes and wear Indian traditional and modern outfits.

What are the product that we sell?
We provide all the Indian ethnic products and Indian fusion dresses including Sarees, dresses, Wedding Outfits, Lehengas and Kurtis etc.

Do you offer any customization?
As we have our own Boutique we offer the customers On-appointment based visit. And we can give them customization as per their requests.
Our website also offers the best customization in tailoring and stitching facility with our trained tailor master.

What is your expertise?
From the years of my experience boutique, I am very confident to give right products to right customer.
We organize pop up shops around UK so we can interact with our amazing customers and give them chance to see our outfits personally.
As a women Entrepreneur i also wanted to support other women entrepreneur. So i organize my own pop up shop shopping events with many local business.

A Beautiful journey of MonalisaSarees an Indian Woman.

Monalisa Sarees is not only the business but it is my strength and even become my way of living. It made a complete me independent women which is very important in today`s world. There are many cases that I have found challenges as Women Entrepreneur. But my customer who are ultimately my family keep me and my team going. And today I have been selling Indian Outfits world wide.

I’m thanking you everyone who become a part directly and indirectly of my voyage.

“I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘Wow, I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough.” ― Marissa Mayer

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