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Latest Outfit Ideas for Navaratri 2022

Latest Outfit Ideas for Navaratri 2022

Navaratri is a festival full of dance, music and religious fervour. There is hope, happiness and a sense of healing in everyone’s eyes. The celebration of nine days brings friends and families together. Mums, dads, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins- everyone comes together to mark the coming of Goddess Durga from the heavens to earth. Considering that India is such an expansive country, the Navaratri festival is celebrated differently throughout the various regions of the country. There are unique customs and rituals that are practiced in each of the states of India to celebrate the nine days of the Navaratri festivities. The unique regional customs also call for a unique way of dressing.

While the usual memo for Navaratri is traditional Indian wear, the current era we are living in has become fashion conscious and everybody is now open to experimenting with their outfit ideas for Navaratri. The concept of designer Navaratri wear has become common. The Indian chaniya choli, which is generally the choice of wear for most women celebrating Navaratri, has evolved and is now available in different designs. In fact, with fashion becoming so accessible, women have been styling their Navaratri chaniya cholis in different ways.

Here are a few ways in which Indian women have been wearing their designer Navaratri wear all around the world.

  • Multi-coloured Pieces

The concept of multi-coloured blouses and skirts or scarfs (dupattas) have been a go-to option for women to help amp up their Navaratri looks each year. A multi-coloured piece is an easy and safe option as it looks good on everybody!

  • Solid Single Hues

Pairing a solid-coloured skirt in a single hue or shade is also a common Navaratri fashion trend. Let’s take for example, a solid pink coloured skirt. This skirt can be paired with different coloured blouses like blue, green and yellow. In fact, you can also pair it with dupattas in a bunch of designs. A single hue piece in a Navaratri outfit acts as a blank canvas that people can experiment with.

  • Indo-western Fits

It is a fact that gender fluidity is a growing discussion nowadays. This has flown into the choices people are making in terms of their dressing too. The Indo-western Navaratri fits have also seen a tremendous change. More people are now breaking the gender specific wears and are teaming blouses with pants. The dhoti-style pants are frequently being worn by women in many Navaratri celebrations and at Monalisa Sarees we have some exquisite pant-style Navaratri wear available too.

  • Experimental Drapes

The most common observation with regard to the way women are choosing to style their Indian chaniya choli is by trying multiple kinds of dupatta drapes. Be it the typical one-sided drape, an over-the-shoulder double dupatta drape, a Guajarati-style drape or a belted drape- everyone is putting a unique element to their designer Navaratri wear.

We bet you probably have tried these trends yourself and have already been discussing your outfit ideas for Navaratri this year. Afterall, Navaratri is just round the corner. If you are looking to buy some exclusive designer Navaratri wear then you can reach out to us at Monalisa Sarees. We have the latest Navaratri collection, which includes a variety of beautiful Indian chaniya cholis and other designer Navaratri wear.

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