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Every country in the world has a type of attire that characterizes their culture. But it is only in the country of India where these culturally-defined dresses are unique to each state of this South-Asian region. In India, it is said that every 100kms, there’s a new culture to explore, and with each new culture comes a uniquely individualistic clothing style. Therefore, the Indian traditional wear is said to be the most diverse form of clothing collection in the world.  

Within the large bracket of the traditional Indian clothing collection, at a generic level, you will mostly find outfits like sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, dresses and kurtis. These are clothing items that are commonly worn by Indian women for traditional functions or events. But considering the widespread reach of Indians internationally, Indian traditional wear is highly demanded across continents. There is a store, boutique or an e-commerce shop available in every territory across borders that supplies Indian clothing.  

Let us explore some of the ways in which these traditional Indian dresses can be styled to create an exclusive look. 

  1. Sarees 

When it comes to Sarees, they are considered to be the most versatile kind of clothing item in the Indian closet. You can style a saree in multiple ways and repurpose it for a variety of functions. Belts, accessories, pants, skirts and coats are the different elements that you can add to a draped saree and create an exclusive look. 

 2. Salwar Suits 

If given a choice, Indian women would always choose salwar suits or salwar kameez over the other Indian dresses. This is because salwar suits and kurtis are quite comfortable to carry and even stylize. You can pair them with any kind of bottoms, be it formal pants or regular jeans and you are sure to look effortlessly chic. The best thing about wearing salwar suits is that you can mix and match with different dupattas (stoles) and dress-up or dress-down, depending on the occasion.  

 3. Lehengas 

The quintessential Indian bridal wear, the Lehenga holds an extremely special place in the hearts of Indian women. Lehengas come in different cuts, stitches and designs. The main reason for their popularity is that everyone looks good in an Indian Lehenga. In fact, they are referred to as ‘chaniya cholis’ in many parts of India. Lehengas generally are quite flamboyant statement wears, but one can still stylise these with specific jewellery choices, footwear, clutch as well as different hairdos.  


Whatever you choose to wear from these Indian clothing options, you will surely look good and make heads turn. We have an exclusive collection of traditional Indian wear available at our store Monalisa Sarees in UK and you can even place your orders online with us. Visit https://monalisasarees.com and checkout our exclusive Indian clothing collection today.  

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